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The Crespo brand has become a true signature of quality on the world stage: its characteristic red and green colors can be found in 104 countries, in small stores, in supermarkets and at catering events.

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History of Crespo

The art of manufacturing olives has been a part of the Crespo family's way of life for several generations. Our family firm continues to maintain its respect for tradition and commitment to quality.

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Crespo's Products

Crespo specializes in olives. In the USA, we currently offer 20+ olive products including olive oil. Check back with us often. In 2015, we plan to expand our selection to include other Mediterranean staples such as balsamic vinegars, capers and more.

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Crespo works to share foods of the Mediterranean with the rest of the world. We specialize in olives but offer other things as well.

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Our olives undergo a proprietary Crespo process that ensures high quality and full flavor.

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Olive History

It is estimated the cultivation of olive trees began more than 7000 years ago.

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Mediterranean Lifestyle

Olives are a staple food in the Mediterranean Lifestyle and Diet, which is healthy and indulgent with exotic, full flavors.

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Olive Nutrition Info

Like olive oil, olives have many nutritional bragging rights--monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, and more...

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