Les Olives du Marché

Crespo's Les Olives du Marché (translation: The Olives of the Market) line is a unique range of deli-style, marinated olives in convenient resealable packs, with no pits, no liquid, no mess! Eat them straight from the pack or shake into a bowl for sharing. Ideal at home, at work, or on the go. We pride ourselves on selecting the best olives from the Beldi variety, ideal for its thick flesh and mellow flavor.

Olives of the Market in Pouches & Tapenade

Our colorful Les Olives du Marché line is innovated in terms of both flavors and packaging. And it was designed with the modern consumer in mind. It features handy, brine-free snack pouches with exciting combinations of herbs and spices.

Like the rest of our olives, no refrigeration is needed making them convenient for travel.

The line also includes Green and Black Olive Tapenade spreads, as well as gourmet olives with natural, top-quality stuffing.

The Beldi Variety

For this line, we only use olives of the Beldi olives. From the moment they are gathered until the time they are packed for sale, our olives undergo a long and painstaking process, during which they acquire their full quality and flavor. The process differs according to the style of olive to be produced:

Green Olives are harvested starting in the month of September and are sorted by our highly qualified staff. Once their stems are removed the olives are treated to extract their natural bitterness, then preserved to ferment in underground tanks at a constant temperature.

Our Black Olives remain on the tree somewhat longer, until they take on a rosy glow, the first sign of ripening. They are harvested at this stage, and then ripened in vats to produce a handsome, round and glossy Black Olive. The olives used for our Greek-Style Black Olives are left to ripen in the sun on the tree. They are picked once they are a mature, glossy black and are heavy with oil. They are dried in salt to produce "Greek-style" olives, which are full and smooth in texture and have a characteristic wrinkled appearance.

Over the years we have developed numerous variations of these styles, including a range of stuffed and seasoned olives and a collection of culinary condiments, all produced with the same expert care and life-long family traditions.

Beldi Olives – Olives du Marché

Growing Areas:
The Beldi is grown predominately in the Marrakech and Fes provinces of Morocco.

Tree Specifications:

This tree matures to fruition by its fifth year. The yield productivity is medium with alternating crops with some irregularities occurring from year to year.


Harvest of the green Beldi begins the first week of October and extends through the middle of November.


Then green Beldi is first washed in caustic soda (lye) solution for de-bittering purposes. The fruit is then thoroughly washed to remove any traces of lye. From there, the olives are put into 250‑liter drums for lactic fermentation.
The curing process of the Beldi typically takes less than 3 months and is complete when a pH of 4.2 or less and an acidity that is greater than 0.8% is achieved.

Fruit Specifications:
Green Beldi olives are ovoid and slightly asymmetric in shape with a round base and a pointed apex.
This olive's color spectrum ranges from straw-colored to light green. As with many green olives, the texture is firm and crisp to the bite. Sizes vary because of the large crop (over 40,000 MT) but the most desirable fruit is between 160 and 200 units per kilogram. The flavor of this olive is mellow and fruity with a briny finish.

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