History of Crespo

Master in the Art of Preparing Olives

The art of manufacturing olives has been a part of the Crespo family's way of life for several generations. Our family firm continues to maintain its respect for tradition and commitment to quality.


For a long time, Crespo olives have been known for their taste and their unique quality. In the 1950's in Algeria, Henri and Antoine Crespo started producing olives in tins for the french market. It is here that they laid the foundations for their brand. After Algerian independence, Crespo's site in Marrakesh was built to allow it to approach the world market with a complete range of superior products, and establish itself as a quality producer against competitors.


The Crespo family has been in the Mediterranean food business since the early 20th century and continue to own and run our company to this day. Our current production plants in Seville and Marrakech, as well as our distribution system in France, were founded by the brothers Henri and Antoine Crespo in the 1960s. Our U.S. import and logistics company Transmed Foods, Inc .of Baltimore was opened in 1985. Olives are truly a way of life for the Crespo family. Their lifelong experience and enthusiasm for olives, combined with continual investments in the latest production technology and quality systems, have given Crespo an international presence in olive processing.


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