Stephen S.'s Bar Tending Basics



A special thanks to our customer Stephen S. for sending us his favorite
ways to use Crespo!

Stephen likes using our Crespo olive packs to garnish drinks. Here are
his ideas:

Bar Tending Basics

He recommends using Crespo Chili Pepper green olive packets
for Bloody Marys. The Chili Pepper olives are green olives marinated in
extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and chili pepper spices. If you like your Bloody
Mary to be a little spicy, then these olives are perfect. They have a slight
kick that builds instead of the chili spice being the first thing you taste.

If martinis are your cocktail of choice, then Stephen recommends any
of our olive packets. The Herbs & Garlic green olive packets are his
personal favorite for a martini. It is easy to see why. The mild flavors of
garlic and herbs add interest to a classic martini but are not too strong to
compromise the balance of an elegant martini.

Stephen says, "open the smaller packets as you need them so there are
no leftovers to get "briney" as they would in bottles."

Here at Crespo, we agree. Our 1.06 oz. pouches are meant for single use. Currently, this small-sized pouch is only available
in chili pepper and herbs & garlic. Check back with us though. We plan to launch additional varieties in our small pack format
this year. One of them may be Stephen's new martini favorite. Back to the pouches we do have. Each 1.06 pouch contains
approximately 10
to 12 olives or 30 grams. So if you use 3 olives per drink, you can garnish 3 to 4 drinks.

1 pouch = 4 garnished drinks

Just so we're clear, our pouches do not have brine in them. If you are making a dirty martini, you will need to use a drink mix
or brine from another product. Like one of our stuffed olives. There is a blue-cheese stuffed olive and a lemon-stuffed olive.
Both perfect for martinis.



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