5 Ways to Entertain with Crespo this Holiday


Cheese tray with Crespo green olives

                       1.    Cheese Tray

                               Thinking of having a cheese tray or a hummus platter?

                               Our EVOO and spice-marinated olives go perfectly

                              with cheeses or with hummus alongside your veggies and pita.








  Dry Martini with Crespo green jalapeño-stuffed olives, or Crespo green lemon-stuffed olives

                  2.    Drink Garnish

                         Try serving martinis with a variety of stuffed olives.

                         Opt for the common blue cheese-stuffed variety
                         or for something more unexpected— use our jalapeno-stuffed

                         and lemon-stuffed olives.




 Cheese cream Dip, and Crespo olives

                        3.    Make a Simple Dip

                               Here in the office we like to take either a tub of olives

                               or 2 pouches (2.4 oz.) and blend them with 4 ounces of cream cheese.

                               Add parsley and serve with crackers. It’s delicious.




                           4.    Antipasto or Pasta

                                  Take your favorite antipasto or pasta recipe and use our marinated olives

                                   (available in Herbs & Garlic, Chili Pepper, etc.) instead of plain ones. The spices

                                   will add a little something extra.




Crespo tapenade

                            5.    Dress Up Your Bread with Tapenade

                                   Whether you plan to serve toasted bread or finger sandwiches,

                                   add some tapenade (a.k.a. olive spread). Not only is it tasty, it’s a bit fancy.

  • I love the Black Pitted Olives. They are the best I have ever ate. I always ask for extra at Olive Garden.
    I like them just by themselves. Would love to be able to order these just form me.

    Rebecca Harmon on

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